EASY2FUN: a new testing solution


Following some requests from our customers to test simple devices at low cost, ES has developed EASY2FUN: a very competitive automated test system able to perform In Circuit Test, Functional tests and on board programming depending on its chosen configuration. Its compact and modular structure with interchangeable probe plates allows to use this system for different kind of products reducing costs of equipments and simplifying software program development. EASY2FUN features are:EASY2FUN ICT

  • Low Cost
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to configure
  • Easy to carry

The standard configuration of EASY2FUN is made up of an adapter in which the equipments below are included:

  • n. 1  5 Port Full Speed isolated USB  Hub
  • n. 1  16-channel Relay Board
  • n. 1  48-channel  programming AIN DI/O USB  module
  • n. 1  Power Supply (3V3, 5V, 12V, -12V, 24V)

and a changeable customized probe plates/probe plate holder (pushdown unit) where the board will be tested. It’s possible to improve EASY2FUN by adding, in its structure or in an external rack, other measurement instruments, ICT module and programmer. ICT and ICT + FTC versions available: I.C.T. , I.C.T. + FCT