Software Programs


20 years of experience in ICT technology, have enabled ES, operating with the most important multinational companies in the electronics industry, to specialize in test programs development of different kind and complexity on systems like Genrad, Teradyne, Agilent HP3070, MTS and TRI. The effectiveness of In Circuit test lies in the fact that errors are precisely individuated (faulty or missing component, short circuit …) and it is not given only a generic indication of board fault. In order to obtain a good degree of coverage a testability analysis is carried out before proceeding to the test program development and to the building of the probe plate of the test fixture.

Functional and / or combined test systems made by ES are built around a software structure based mainly on TestStand or LabVIEW platforms, both National Instruments products, or , on customer’s request, VEE, Visual Basic or Lab Windows CVI platforms. The final test software structure allows the end user different levels of access permissions depending on operators expertise.

Thanks to the LabView interface ES has developed it is possible to have a flexible test software with many features:

  • Test sequence customization
  • Setting limits / parameters of each test
  • Simplification of testing procedures with operator guiding messages
  • Customized Reports
  • Creation of a Data Base for product traceability
  • Product Labelling / Marking

Test benches Banks can also integrate on request Bounday Scan testing techniques; tools of the leading manufacturers such as JTAG, GOEPEL can be used and different interfaces which include LXI, PXI and PCI can be chosen for the hardware. ES experience has also led to integrate, where possible, during In Circuit or functional test , visual inspection thus allowing presence verification of components which are not electrically testable.