Led Colour Analyser Feasa

Logo FEASA ES is, since many years, authorized dealer of Feasa led control systems, an innovative solution for simultaneously testing multiple leds for color and brightness. Two models are available which can be ordered in different channels (2,3,5,6,10,20) configurations:

FEASA-I Ad Interfaccia Seriale (ICT)

FEASA-I Ad Interfaccia Seriale (ICT)


FEASA-F ad interfaccia USB (FCT)

The measurement of leds is made in parallel and can be achieved in more or less fast times depending on brightness intensity of each led (The brighter the intensisy, the faster the test). FEASA Led Color Analyzer comes provided with a comprehensive suite of drivers and software for ease of use. To improve the stability of intensity measurement, FEASA has designed different  OPTICAL HEADS which robust and compact design ensures stability while solving the following problems:

  • Repeatable intensity readings
  • Reduced sensitivity to ambient light

Below the available models:Optical Heads

  • OH-1: Ideal when distance between each led on a PCB is equal to 3,55 mm
  • OH-2: Can be used on test equipment with height issues as it is only 25 mm
  • OH-3 : It is the standard lens that is used in most applications where the distance between the center of the LEDs is equal to 5 mm
  • OH-4: Suitable for testing at 90 ° or in case of side emitting LEDs
  • OH-5: Ideal when distance between each led on a PCB is equal to 4 mm

pdf_icon[1] FEASA-LED Analysers PDF pdf_icon[1] FEASA-Optical-Heads